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My uncle had been my dentist since before I can remember, so when I heard he was retiring I was concerned to say the least. I lucked out big time when someone at work recommended Dr. Wong to me. On my first visit he recognized a longstanding problem I had (that I didn't even know I had) and no one had ever pointed out to me previously. Not only did he point out and explain to me how my nightly teeth clenching habit was affecting my jawbone, neck and the cause of my headaches, he immediately fitted me with a small, soft mouth piece that I now use every night. Since using this little guard on my bottom teeth I wake up feeling more well rested and refreshed, minus my usual morning headache. I am so thankful that the problem was recognized before my jaw bone continued to grow (it refortifies itself to compensate for the pressure you put on it) and before I ruined my natural teeth, which are small enough already! It doesn't eliminate the problem, but makes you aware of what you are doing so you begin to catch yourself and, in my case, am doing it less and less. He took the time to sit and explain to me what he noticed, why it was important and even showed me breathing techniques that may be helpful in relieving stress and subsequently, teeth clenching/grinding. Anyway, he's a great guy. I've definitely found my permanent dentist. I've already recommended him to my boyfriend and Mom (and that's saying something).
Alexandra H.
Television Production

"Dr. Wong has truly changed my life. On my first visit to him he identified a bite issue that had brought me pain for years. There is no way to thank him or share with you what the importance of a well trained dentist is as part of your health care. My quality of life is renewed because of his diagnosis and follow through. Be assured Dr. Wong and his staff will meet your needs in a respectful, caring and professional manner."
Nancy O'Brien
Retired Counselor

Dr. Wong is great - he doesn't merely clean teeth and treat cavities, he also checks carefully for signs that you are clenching, grinding and damaging your teeth during sleep, and then treats these issues, as well as educating about them. This stress-related issue can lead to headaches, neck aches and more, so it is important that your bite is aligned and comfortable. Thank you Dr. Wong!
Hazel I.
Administrator, University of Hawaii

"I never thought a trip to the dentist for a routine cleaning and check-up would lead to a diagnosis of oral cancer. Dr. Wong and his dental hygienist were suspicious of a small area of discoloration and immediately helped schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon. After a biopsy and removal of my malignant salivary gland, I was told how lucky I was that it was caught so early. Almost 12 years have passed and I'm doing great. Reportedly only 15% of dentist check for oral cancer. I'm thankful and fortunate that Dr. Wong does."
Kimberley Hong
Homemaker, Honolulu

"The staff was extremely nice and professional. Dr. Wong took the time to explain everything to me in detail. (Luckily, no cavities!!)

Jan, the Dental Hygienist, was wonderful!! My teeth are sparkly and clean! I would highly recommend Dr. Wong's office!"
Nina Jo R
Sales Rep

"My husband and I have been seeing Bob Wong for more than 30 years. We love the entire staff -- Ann, Jan, Jinky, and Bob. We get great regular dental care, and Bob's always there in an emergency. Bob and the staff also give tips that can help cut down on extra trips to the dentist and extra long appointments. Like: don't eat raisins and then go to sleep without flossing and brushing, wear your bite splint if you have one and brush with baking soda and an electric toothbrush to reduce tea/coffee stains. You really have to take good care of your teeth, so they last you into old age. Bob has helped us do that."
Kathryn Braun
University of Hawaii Professor

"Dr Wong has been my dentist since before Disco! He has the ability to use a career's worth of experience, and the latest knowledge in the dental profession to be able to advise patients about the best course of action. Satisfied patient since 1974!"
Michael W. Perry
Radio Personality and Host of Hawaiian Moving Company

"If you need a dentist who is thorough in his exams, charming and just a great dentist then Dr. Wong should be your choice. His staff is very welcoming, friendly and I can't say enough about them. So accommodating. A dental office with aloha."
Gordan S.
Hawaii State Employee

"You are the best dentist in the world. If I had you as my dentist as a child, I would have all my teeth today. I appreciate you teaching me to take better care of my teeth, gums and new dentures. Thank you so much, and God bless you and your staff."
Gloria R.
Donated Dental Services Patient

"I worked for Dr. Wong as a Dental Hygienist when I lived in Hawaii.
I loved his office. It was a warm & friendly place to work.
Dr. Wong also was my family dentist. He did wonderful dental work for our family."
Marsha Jaber
Dental Hygienist, Washington

"I've been seeing Dr. Robert Wong for over 35 years for all my dental needs. He does quality work. I wish the rest of my body was in as good shape as my teeth! I highly recommend him."
Joe Moore
KHON Television News Anchor

"I have been a patient of Dr. Wong for my dental services for over 32 years. Through the years, I have always had positive experiences in all the categories listed above. He and his staff are always courteous and professional. When I have a problem and call for an appointment, it is because I am suffering from a toothache and I have always been scheduled within a very reasonable time. When I arrive for my appointment, the staff is always friendly and I am seen by the doctor within 5-10 minutes. If an earlier appointment opens up due to cancellation, I get a call from the receptionist to see if I can come in earlier. In regards to the actual dentistry work, Dr. Wong consistently explains what the dental problem is, further explains what he plans to do to remedy the problem and answers all my questions clearly and patiently. Further, I am always given options to have music headphones and dental anesthesia if the procedure is lengthy or difficult so that I am less anxious and more comfortable. If the problem requires a dental specialist, I am referred to another dentist. However, I have been completely satisfied with all the work that Dr. Wong has done for me over the years. In addition, now that I am getting older and the work seems to be getting more complicated, Dr. Wong is still consistently proficient. I also go for regular teeth cleaning with the dental hygienist in his office and receive reminders for a complete dental program.

To summarize, I am a happy patient from start to finish and would highly recommend Dr. Wong to family and friends and anyone looking for an excellent and competent dentist."
Gayle Lanthier
Retired Airlines Agent

"Dr. Wong is a trusted professional who always takes the time to keep me informed about my dental needs. One of his best recommendations was a bite splint! His staff of Ann, Jan, and Jinky are always warm and friendly. Dr. Wong's attention to detail and genuine concern for his patient's health are exceptional and that's why I highly recommend him!"
Neoma Domingo
Oahu Gas Service Office Administrator

"I have been going to Dr. Robert LK Wong for about 30 years and have always been impressed by the wonderful quality of care I've received there. Dr. Wong is extremely knowledgable and wonderful at teaching and explaining about anything related to your dental work or questions you may ask. He is very thorough and takes pride in his work. Dr. Wong's staff is wonderful as they always make sure you are comfortable, besides being very friendly and charming. My husband recently changed over to Dr. Wong and was amazed, as he felt he now receives much better dental care, in a much more pleasant environment. I would highly recommend Dr. Robert LK Wong's office, to anyone seeking exceptional dental care."
Susan C.
Registered Nurse, Queen's Medical Center

"I’ve been going to Dr. Wong’s office for as long as I can remember. I go for my yearly cleaning and checkups where they take x-rays of my teeth and then polish them. I’ve gone to Dr. Wong’s to get a bite splint as I was found to be grinding my teeth while I slept. Sadly, I’ve also gone to get fillings and a cap because of some cavities…basically anything that has to deal with my teeth I see Dr. Wong first.
I highly recommend Dr. Wong’s because of the convenience and professionalism he and his staff have. His office is located in the Kahala Mall office tower which is right by Longs so it’s easy to find and parking is never an issue. Dr. Wong and his staff are always willing to listen and answer any question no matter how small and I always leave the office feeling that my teeth are in good hands!"
Curt Chee
Recent College Graduate

"I've been going to Dr. Robert LK. Wong for more than 30 years. He's a great dentist, if you have tmj problems he's the dentist to see. He has helped me with this problem from day one, now it has been some 25 years plus and I have been really good and few problems at times but none severe thanks to Dr. Wong . His staff is especially nice and very friendly. That is Robert LK. Wong DDS, 4211 Waialae Ave. STE 305. The best of the best."
Gwen B.
Department of Transportation Services

"Dr. Robert Wong has been my dentist for over 34 years. He has provided services for root canals, caps, crowns, bridges, periodontal disease, and TMJ to help me maintain healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Wong's professional and expert care has kept my teeth strong over the years. He truly cares for his patients' oral and overall health. During visits, he takes the time to diagnose conditions, but he then quickly provides expert solutions and applies highly skilled procedures to resolve the problem. His staff is friendly and efficient. Jan, Dr. Wong's hygienist, is careful and gentle, making sure that I am comfortable while she cleans my teeth. Just recently, Dr. Wong fitted me with my first denture. When I was unsure about the prospect of wearing a denture, he encouraged me and told me that the denture will be carefully made, will fit well, and that I should not have any pain. I've been wearing the denture now for over two weeks and am enjoying chewing food again. Dr. Wong was right...there has not been any pain or discomfort since the first day. The denture fits perfectly. Thank you Dr. Wong for once again providing me with the best dental service and care."

Frances H.

"Dr. Wong has been our family dentist for more than 32 years. He cared for our daughter from the time she had baby teeth, and now at 27, she still returns annually to Hawaii to be checked by him. During all of these years, he has been professional, patient and forthright in providing information, and very caring. Because he is a constant advocate of preventive care and proactive in addressing little issues before they become big problems, we believe that we have minimized our long run dental expense and maximized our dental health. His staff is very friendly and efficient. If you are looking for a dentist for every person in your family, from young to old, we highly recommend Dr. Wong."
Richard Miller, Jr., PhD. and Susan Miller, PhD.

"What Dr. Wong did for my teeth and well-being cannot be described in words. If it were not for Dr. Wong's sincerity and expertise, I would not be able to eat and enjoy life to its fullest. As a retiree, not being able to eat, travel and spend quality time with my wife - pain free, would have been miserable. Dr. Wong has improved my life. I truly believe he has performed a miracle. My family and I cannot thank Dr. Wong enough for all that he and his staff have done for me."
Wilbert Morikawa
Retired Carpenter

"Over twenty three years ago, our friend highly recommended Dr. Robert Wong when I told her that my husband and I were looking for a dentist. We have always been grateful for this recommendation, since Dr. Wong has been such a blessing. In addition to his expertise and knowledge, he is a proactive dentist who is more than thorough in his treatment. Passionately concerned about the prolonged wellness of his patients, he makes sure that all options are explored and are understood before any procedure is undertaken for long-lasting benefit. Especially because he is kind and compassionate, Dr. Wong has excellent rapport with his patients. An added bonus is Dr. Wong's wonderful staff. We have great respect and appreciation for the personable and efficient receptionists at the front desk as well as the highly qualified dental hygienist and assistants. With full confidence, we never hesitate to recommend Dr. Wong to anyone in need!"
Andy and Lynn Kanno

"When my previous dentist retired, I thought I'd give Dr. Robert Wong a try, based solely on my respect for his volunteer work with the American Cancer Society. On my very first visit to his office, he mentioned that my bite was such that it could give me headaches. Indeed, he was right on the mark. I had been getting whoppers. The bite guard he fashioned worked beautifully to make me headache free.

Many years later, I am still a patient of Dr. Wong and still receiving knowledgeable, expert care. All along, it has been my experience that he and his staff are true professionals."
Bonnie McMahon

"Our family has been Dr. Wong's patients for many years and appreciate his approach to dentistry. He provides excellent corrective and maintenance work, but also spends as much or more time on preventative measures. He has addressed issues with over bite and grinding by providing bite splints to prevent further damage and also has taken corrective action on other teeth and gum issues before they became serious problems."

Juanita Liu
University of Hawaii Administrator

"I really appreciate the fine work you have done for me. You should be proud of your excellence---I only have the utmost respect and praise for you and your staff. Mahalo so much, dear friend."
Maria "Tina Marios" Pine
STAT Nurse ER Straub

"Dr. Wong has provided safe, efficient, quality care for me for over twenty years which is practically my whole life. His work is amazing. I used to come in with over twenty cavities each checkup and he would always fix me up. He is persistent in his care and never did give up on me no matter how bad my situation was. Dr. Wong takes the time to listen and is really down-to-earth. His staff is also very hardworking, organized, and friendly. I am never hesitant to recommend Dr. Wong to family or friends because he truly is one of the best!"

Anson Yam
University of Hawaii Student

"This dentist gets an A+, his staff is superlative and he is careful, caring, high tech, and vastly talented well prepared professional. Dr. Wong is an outstanding dentist."
Jeanne Thomas
Kailua Realtor

"With the help of Dr. Wong's office and my daughter, Brandy, a patient of Dr. Wong, I was able to become a patient of Donated Dental services where dental work is done pro bono. I have no dental insurances and had many tooth problems, often enduring intense pain, as dental care was just not affordable. During weeks of treatment, Dr. Wong gifted me with his exceptional skill in dentistry but he also took the time to educate me to improve my home care, from that point forward, regardless of my shortcomings in the past. The years of neglect had caused unbearable toothaches, the falling out of many teeth and the embarrassment of not being able to give a big smile or give a hearty laugh. After cleanings, fillings, bite corrections, and extractions, I was fitted with an upper denture. Because of Dr. Wong's professionalism, expertise and sensitive heart to treat me pro bono, I have been given a new lease on my oral life. Even though I, myself, was very embarrassed for the poor condition of my teeth and gums, I never felt once that Dr. Wong or his staff looked down on me or treated me differently from his other patients. My daughters, grandchildren and I are very grateful to Dr. Wong, his staff and the Donated Dental Services program. We laugh a lot these days and I can see the delight in their eyes as they see me smile back at them."
John Kaimimoku
Donated Dental Services Patient

"Dr. Wong and his friendly and knowledgeable staff have treated my family with courtesy and compassion. Dr. Wong has helped me keep my teeth in excellent condition for the past 31 years."
Grace H. MacMaster
Pharmacist, Kaiser Health Systems

"I want to thank you for all you have done for me. You have made me feel real good about myself. Your dedication to perfection is really appreciated."
Jim Hayes
Retail Sales

"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Wong's for over 23 years. He is an awesome dentist and always does top quality work! He never hesitates to help us as patients, tending to the most sensitive situations with the utmost care. He puts time and a lot of effort into each visit. His staff is well trained and excellent with making dental visits comfortable. In all honesty, I totally trust Dr.Wong's expertise and skill when it comes to the dental work of me and my family! He is a terrific dentist and I highly recommend him!!!"
Toni Domingo Oka
Maili Elementary Teacher

"I started seeing Dr. Wong in 1986, when I was single. Today, my wife, Pua, sons Koa and Kahaku, and I are loyal patients of Dr. Wong and staff. I am so very happy that the office stresses prevention and teaches good oral hygiene as both my sons, age 20 and 26, have never had a cavity. It is rewarding as a parent, to know that as your sons approach adulthood, they were given the knowledge, instructions and explanations to have good dental health for the rest of their lives."
Bill Kaai, Jr.
Retired Battalion Chief, Honolulu Fire Department

"My family has been Dr. Wong's patients for over 30 years. What I like best about Dr. Wong is that he always takes the time it needs to thoroughly explain the care he is giving me, in an easy to understand way."
Jonna Wickesser
Vice President, Bank of Hawaii Private Client Services

"I've been seeing Dr. Wong for over ten years now. First off, he has a great staff: Ann a great receptionist, and Jan, an excellent hygenist, and he himself is a great dentist- all in all, a great practice. Everyone in his office is very amiable and very skilled. My wife and I are on another island now and thus have tried to find another dentist closer to our home, but it is hard to beat the quality found at Dr. Wong's. Both of us can tell when we've had a good cleaning, and it happens every time at Dr. Wong's. He also helped my wife and I identify bite/grinding issues and immediately got us on mouth splints and continues to talk to us about stress management, the importance of multivitamins, and regular exercise. It is clear he cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone."
Russell Kallstrom
Kaunakakai, Moloka'i

"The only dentist I trust to go to for 32 years. I really dreaded dental visits before meeting Dr. Wong."
Keith Robbins
Owner, Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream and Desserts. Inc.

"Each dreaded visit to the dentist, I faced drilling of two to three cavities. Then the young modern Dr. Wong, was recommended to me. Over 22 years later, Dr. Wong and his compassionate staff have provided me with the latest techniques in dental health and patient care. Best of all, his program of prevention means no cavities for me. Woohoo!"
Pualani S. Akaka
Moloka'i Teacher

"When I got out of the Navy 37 years ago, the VA let me go to a private dentist to do any needed dental work. I went to a dentist who did among other things, a root canal and seven crowns for me. Subsequently, I joined the Naval Reserved where I had to undergo a complete physical. At this physical, a military dentist examined my new dental work. I was nervous when the dentist asked who did my new dental work. I replied Dr. Robert LK Wong. Why? The dentist said that I should stay with Dr. Wong as the work was exceptional. This happened 32 years ago and all of Dr. Wong's dental work done back then is still in really good shape. I like this, as I hate dental work, and the less I have to do the happier I am."
Clifton Chee
Senior Manager, U.S. Government

"Before going to Dr. Wong's office, I had a very unstable bite that occasionally hurt and clicked every time I opened or closed my mouth. It was always something that I just put up with because I was so used to it. After visiting his office, I discovered that the pain and discomfort were caused by clenching my teeth at night. Dr. Wong made me a bite splint to wear at night and it has helped me so much! Later he adjusted the actual bite or fit of my teeth. Now I wake up in the mornings without jaw pain, my bite is very stable, and the clicking gets better each day! I'd recommend Dr. Wong to anyone who is looking for a professional dentist who is very knowledgeable in his field."

Karalynn Mizusawa
Student at University of Hawaii

"Though we live in Waianae, we drive to Kahala Mall to receive our dental care at Dr. Wong's office. We trust Dr. Wong and his staff of Ann, Jan, Jinky and Leona and feel they are always friendly, polite and kind.
Daniel and Em Contrades

"I, Harold B. of Honolulu am the most fortunate recipient of Donated Dental Services from Margaret Petrick (Referral Coordinator), Robert Wong DDS, and Mr. Myles Honda of Alii Dental Laboratory. Ms. Petrick's thorough explanation of the program guidelines and my responsibilities was perfect. The entire process went very smoothly and the results are outstanding. Dr Wong's precision design of dentures to fill in the gaps left by 9 missing teeth was flawless. He even did a complete root canal and entire teeth cleaning on the day of my consultation - what a surprise. The follow-up appointments also went smoothly and efficiently. Never more than a few minutes in the waiting room, thanks to Ann at the front desk and her scheduling skills. Another surprise on the day of fitting my new dentures built by Alii Dental Lab. Minimal adjustments and it was done! On 2 subsequent visits Dr. Wong informed me a near perfect denture fit is rare. I can only presume both Dr. Wong's staff and that of Alii Dental Lab were in total concert. My life has changed, every meal a delightful experience because of all the work each of the above named professionals and their staff have performed. My appreciation and gratitude is immense. Thank you!"

Harold B.
Donated Dental Service Patient

"Staff is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, as well as Dr. Wong, who always takes the time to explain what is going on, as well as the importance of maintenance."
Diane Shiraishi
Office Administrator

"It was a worthwhile investment to have my teeth look great and natural. The quality of work was exceptional. Dr. Wong took the time to explain in detail what he was going to do. The staff was very professional and friendly. Parking was free and easy."
Richard Dizon
Golf Instructor